Lee Sky

 I’ve worked with my hands most of my life taking apart everything I could get my hands on as a child to building tree forts with neighborhood friends and working construction in my early teenage years with my dad back home in Iowa. 

     Every year in Jr. and Sr. high schools woodshop or metal shop were my favorite courses. 

     I began woodturning in 2000 taking a class at our local Woodcraft store and soon after joined the Gold Coast Woodturners. George Snyder allowed me to join him in his shop in Oakland Park, Fl. where I spent all my free time turning mountains of shavings. I purchased all his equipment from his wife after he passed away in 2004 and it has been my studio since. 

   What draws me to woodturning is the limitless opportunities we have when starting with a wood blank and the instant gratification creating a new piece. I love taking a raw piece of wood & creating art by featuring the grain patterns, bark inclusions, color variations and movement inherent with this medium.

     I’ve been a club mentor since 2003 and began as a woodturning instructor in 2004. Served as vice president and president of Gold Coast Woodturners, current member of Palm Beach County Woodturners, South Florida Woodturners Guild, South Florida Woodworkers Guild and the American Association of Woodturners. 

    I enjoy teaching, tool making and demonstrate frequently in Florida and in the Bahamas.  Also have demonstrated in state & national symposiums. 

 Website:  http://www.leeskywoodart.com/

Resin Casting Workshop

Mixing resin with woodturning is currently very popular. In this workshop, we will discuss how to make a mold for resin casting and then make your own mold and cast a burl to make a blank to take home. A blank will also be provided for you to learn how to turn and finish a wood and resin blank.

Supply list:

  • Spindle and bowl gouges
  • A parting tool
  • Small round nose scrape
  • An old shirt or apron

You can even take this workshop if you don’t have tools.

Please note there is an additional $20 supply fee for this workshop.