George Guadiane

Since I first found so much camaraderie at the first Symposium I’ve been determined to share what I’ve learned. I started woodturning in 2003 after attending the first Totally Turning Symposium in Albany,  I found the turning community to be knowledgeable and forthcoming.  They hooked me with the first and only pen I have ever turned.  I got it right the first time, so I decided not to mess with success.

Having done a little bit of everything on the lathe, from lots of bowls to vases, spindles/finials, some off-axis segmenting to hollow forms and multi-axis turning.  If pressed, I’d probably say I like making hollow forms best, but that changes a little from day to day.

I’ve done demonstrations and hands-on“OATS” (Off-Axis Triangle Stave) segmenting, various types of bowl turning, box making, thin-walled goblets with delicate finial type stems and hollow form turning.
I have, over the years won numerous awards for my efforts in New York and now in Florida.

Morning and Afternoon Sessions:

We will be turning the thin-walled goblet form with a delicate finial type stem in the morning rotation and a more advanced rotation in the afternoon, a similar “goblet” box with a lid and final.
We will be using cured black cherry both morning and afternoon, but the afternoon project will have a separate stem and finial of alternate wood.

If the demand is high for the afternoon rotation, I would be willing to do the more complicated project in both rotations.

I will supply all the cherry (and other finial) wood, hand sanding and finishing materials necessary for the demonstrations.

Participants are advised to bring the tools that you think are most suitable to the project, such as a roughing gouge, a detail gouge, a skew and.or any of the Easy tools you are comfortable with. If you’re not sure, bring it. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

There should be at least one grinder setup.

I am going to have a lot of additional tools to experiment with and/or for those who don’t yet have everything they need. If you have a chuck with a #2 jaws and a 1″/8 insert, bring it. I was told that they would be supplied, but I’m bringing two of mine, just in case.