Raffle Rules – 2020

Florida Woodturning Symposium 2020

Rules for the Raffle 

Florida Registration # CH56258

Florida Woodturning Symposium, Inc., 5046 N Lupine Terrace, Beverly Hills, Florida 34465, (FEI/EIN #11-3650246), (referred to as FWS in the balance of this document), is exempt from Federal income taxation pursuant to 26 U.S.C. s. 501(c)(3). The FWS will raffle woodturning items during the symposium that is being held Feb 7-9, 2020 in accordance with Florida Statute 849.0935. The purchase of these items are from the general funds of the FWS. The Symposium will be held at the Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center, 39034 County Rd 452, Leesburg, FL 34788.


  1. Purchase of a raffle ticket for this drawing by a person less than 18 years of age is prohibited.
  2. 1000 tickets will be offered for sale, 500 of these tickets will be offered for sale prior to Feb 7, 2020, 500 tickets plus the unsold tickets offered prior to Feb 7, 2020 (if any) will be offered for sale at the symposium starting on Feb 7, 2020. 
  3. The drawing for the winners will be done during the Saturday, Feb 8, 2019, evening program of the Florida Woodturning Symposium that starts at 7 PM.
  4. The drawing will be held without regard to the number of tickets sold. 
  5. No purchase is necessary, it is suggested that a donation of $10 or more be made for each ticket. 
  6. Each ticket has 2 numbered parts; the entrant must fill in their name, a phone number where they can be reached on Feb 8, 2020 and their email address. This half of the ticket will remain with the FWS representative offering the ticket; the entrant will be given the other half of the numbered ticket as proof of entry into the raffle. The entrant should keep this half of the ticket should any questions arise as to the validity of the winning entrant. 
  7. Items, as a minimum, available for winning as part of this raffle are as follows:
    1. A Laguna Revo 1216 Wood Lathe with stand
    2. A Vicmarc VM120 chuck
    3. A Rikon ½ HP Grinder with CBN wheels
    4. A Wolverine Grinding System with Vari-Grind Jig
    5. A MicroMotor Master Carver
    6. A Thompson Tool Gouge Package
    7. An Airbrush System
    8. A Trent Bosch Hollowing System
    9. A Foredom K5240 Carving System
    10. A Merlin 2 Nick Agar Basic Signature Series VS110 Carver from King Arthur

Winners for these raffle items will be selected by randomly drawing from the set of all tickets sold, one ticket for each item listed. When a ticket is selected for an item, e.g. the Laguna Lathe, the winner will be announced and they can claim their prize. That winning ticket will then be set aside and will not be eligible for any additional items. Then another ticket will be drawn from the remaining set of sold tickets for the next item to be raffled off. This process will continue until all of the available items have been awarded. 

  1. The entrant need not be present at the time of the drawing to win, however the winner needs to make arrangements to remove the winning item(s) from the Lake Yale property by 3 PM, Feb 9, 2020. 
  2. The winning entrant(s), if not present at the time of the drawing, will be notified by the phone number listed on the ticket following the drawing for the items. 
  3. If the winner declines to take the item upon notification of winning, additional tickets will be drawn until a winner agrees to take the prize.