Tim Yoder



Nothing can ruin a great day of turning faster than a catch. In order to minimize ‘design modifications,’ you need to know how a catch happens. Through the use of close-up slow motion video, you will see the dynamics of how a cut can go from good to bad in the blink of an eye. Tools to be demonstrated will range from bowl gouges to parting tools to scrapers. This is one demonstration you have to ‘catch’!

Hollowing techniques

I will discuss and show how to hollow a vessel. The purpose is to share the techniques required to safely and efficiently hollow. I will use the Elbo Hollowing Tool but will also explain and promote the other systems on the market. They all do a good job and while they each have different qualities they all require the same approach and technique to hollow properly.

Cosmic Cloud

Sometimes you have a nice blank of wood but it is more blank than ‘wow’. Embellishing the surface with paint is one way to bring out the ‘wow’. I will turn a Cosmic Cloud Platter inspired by Gary Lowe and prepare it for the final paint. Using iridescent paint and an airbrush Tim will show how to apply the final paint to the turned piece.