Jason Clark

I’ve been turning for over 15 years and have been entirely self-taught.  I was president of the Arizona Woodturners Association from 2012-2014 and was the local liaison for the 2014 AAW symposium in Phoenix.  I have demonstrated at various clubs around the country and multiple symposia including the AAW national symposiums in 2015 and 2017, the Desert Woodturning Roundup 2016, and Turn-On Chicago 2018.  I now live and turn near Chicago Illinois. I prefer to let the wood speak for itself and consider it my job to bring out the natural beauty within the wood without alteration and minimal enhancement with only a simple oil finish.  I enjoy making things that don’t immediately appear to be possible to make on a lathe

Website: http://jtcturning.com/


Return of Saturn – turning a Saturn bowl with offset rotating rings

The demonstrator will describe and show the process of turning a Saturn bowl which has a small hemispherical bowl surrounded by a wide flat rim.  The bowl will then be parted from the wide flat rim in a way that allows the bowl to rotate but not come apart. Then a simple jig is made and used that will allow an offset ring to be turned in the wide flat rim.  This rim is then parted in the same way as the bowl so that it rotates but doesn’t come apart.

Handout – Saturn

Multi-axis with a twist

The demonstrator will turn several multi-axis spindles ultimately creating a lidded box turned on 3 axes that form a box with 3 sides that rotate 120 degrees along the length of the box.  The demonstrator will cover the layout and numbering of the axes so that the turning of the various axes is straight forward and the direction of the twist of the box is easily controllable.

Handout – Multi Axis

Unconventional Hollowing – turning the hollow Torus

The demonstrator will walk attendees through the process for turning a donut-shaped hollow form referred to as a Torus.  Topics covered include chucking methods, an unconventional approach to hollowing, and discussion and demonstration of methods to remove any evidence of how the form was held on the lathe.

Handout – Torus