Jack Shelton


Bottom removal of closed vessels and hollow forms.

Will start showing examples of pieces that have been turned from the bottom. Examples of the design possibilities using this technique. Discuss the tools and accessories needed to effect the process. Set up a blank and turn in preparation for bottom removal. Remove the bottom and explain the steps needed to complete the process.
If time pennits hollow the vessel in preparation tor the replacement process.

Turning and fitting the bottom in the vessel.

Finish the hollowing process and begin the turning of the bottom and vessel opening. Sand in the bottom piece and glue in place. Face off the joint sand and place a grove over the joint . Remove the piece from the headstock chuck and turn the final shape, remove from the chuck reverse lean off tendon and finish the bottom.

One complete demo of the entire bottom removal and replacement process.

Take a partially turned blank the and go over the most important points of the first two demonstrations.  Do the actual turning and replacement of the bottom. Finish turning the vessel remove from the chuck and finish the bottom.