The success of our symposium is greatly dependent upon those who volunteer a portion of their time to assist in various ways during the symposium.

The FWS needs volunteers such as Videographers, Registration and clean-up assistance during and at the conclusion of the symposium. The volunteer’s time is important and he or she would  be asked to volunteer for no more than three rotations during the course of the symposium.

Please consider volunteering some of your time during the symposium to make it successful.

Volunteers in the following areas are needed:

Registration – assist the Registrar placing room keys in appropriate folders; stuff last minute items into folders; when an attendee checks-in, give them their folder and check them off the attendee list; help with other things in the registration area as requested. -or- help at the donations & Instant Gallery Log-In desk if needed.

Videographer – assist the Demonstrator to provide the audience with the best experience possible; notify a Symposium Committee Member if the Demonstrator requires anything or the camera equipment malfunctions; operate the camera so that you provide the best “front-row-seats”  views possible for members of the audience.

NOTE: Training for Videographer will be held Friday afternoon at 12.45 P.M. in room 222. If you are the videographer, please attend this very important training session, no matter your experience level. 

Clean Up – assist with removing equipment from rooms and load onto trailers, break-down and store chairs; clean (vacuum) rooms.

Where Needed – assist with any of the above or other areas as the Committee Member in charge of volunteers deems necessary.