Florida Woodturning Symposium Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I get for my Symposium registration? – This fee gains you access to all symposium events; the instant gallery, trade show, rotations (demonstrations), an opportunity to win an educational grant and the Friday/Saturday evening functions.  Accompanying spouses that do not attend demonstrations are not charged this fee and are not eligible for an educational grant or rotation attendance.
  2. What is the refund policy? – We will provide a full refund if you notify us 30 days before the Symposium or if you have an actual emergency.  We charge a $ 25.00 processing fee if we are notified less than 30 days but more than 5 days before the Symposium. If you notify us 5 days or less before the Symposium there will be no refund because that is the cut off date for paying Lake Yale.
  3. How many pieces can I enter into the Instant Gallery? – 
    1. Limit 3 instant gallery pieces per registrant. We encourage everyone to enter their pieces into the Instant Gallery during the normal registration and check-in hours on Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM. Pieces can also be entered on Saturday morning before the first rotation begins.
    2. Instant Gallery entries should be picked up no later than 1:00 PM on Sunday.
    3. The FWS Committee will provide security of the Instant Gallery during the Symposium, but cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of the entries. 
  4. What is the Lake Yale fee? – A daily access fee is required by Lake Yale per person on their premises each day.  This fee changes from year to year. This fee is already included in Hotel, Commuter, RV and One Day Attendees rates. 
  5. What is the Shopping Spree? – FWS Board decided to once again give away $250 free shopping spree door prizes to eight lucky attendees of the Friday Night activities at the 2020 Florida Woodturning Symposium. Tickets will be given out to each attendee of the Friday night activities. You must be present to get your ticket and to win. The FWS will reimburse up to $250 to the winners of the free shopping spree door prizes when presented with FWS Vendor receipts.
  6. When is the drawing for the Scholarships/Educational Grants, Day in the Shop and the raffle? – The drawing is held Saturday evening. 
  7. What do I do with the red and blue tickets tucked into my name badge? – If you have registered to attend the demonstrations you receive raffle tickets for the Scholarship/Educational Grant and the Day in the Shop. There are boxes at the front of Maquire Auditorium where you can make your selection.
  8. Do I need to be present to win Grant or a Raffle prize? – You do not need to be present for either. Winners of the Scholarship/Educational Grant of Day in the shop will be contacted by e-mail. However, you need to have a designee holding your ticket to win the raffle.
  9. What’s the difference between the Silent Auction and the Live Auction? – The silent auction gives you the opportunity to place a bid on the bid sheets by each item on the auction tables. The silent auction will end at 5:30 PM on Saturday. The top 25 items from the Silent Auction will be moved up to the Live Auction at that time. The high bid on the Silent Auction bid sheet will be the starting bid for the item in the Live Auction. Demonstrator pieces will also be added to the Live Auction items.
  10. How will I know if I have won an Auction item? – After dinner on Saturday night, a list of the winners will be posted on the walls of Maquire auditorium. You can pick up and pay for your item in the Registration area.
  11. How can I pay for my Auction item? – We accept cash or credit cards
  12. Where do I drop off my keys? – At the Registration desk
  13. Where is the Meet and Greet? – In the Maple Fellowship Center across from the Magnolia Dining Room. Soft drink and snacks are available.
  14. What is the Craft Room? – The Craft Room is located in Room 234 East and it a place where those at the Symposium, but not attending the demonstrations can meet with others and work on craft projects they have brought.
  15. What is the WIT meeting? –  The Florida Woodturning Symposium supports the Women in Turning initiative. During lunch on Saturday, from 12-1, a special meeting for all women interested in woodturning is held in the conference room in the dining hall. Pick up your lunch tray and take it to the conference room to participate.
  16. What is the Presidents meeting? –  On Friday evening the President’s Meeting is held in room 225 East at 8:30. All woodturning club Presidents or their designees are invited to discuss issues regarding woodturning in Florida. An AAW representative is generally present to give us an update on their activities.
  17. How can I help as a volunteer at the symposium? –  Opportunities to volunteer to support the Symposium can be made during the registration process. Volunteering includes becoming a videographer, helping clean the facilities or assisting at the registration desk. If you didn’t volunteer through the registration process, contact someone in the registration area and they will find you an assignment.
  18. Can I donate items to the auctions? – Yes. During the Symposium there is someone located at the Instant Gallery tables to log in both your Instant Gallery pieces and to accept auction items. After the Symposium is over a letter will be sent to you thanking and acknowledging you for your donation with the selling price of the item.