Auction Explanation

When you attend the 2020 Florida Woodturning Symposium, you will naturally want to take something back home with you. It may be a new tool, a piece of wood, a trip to a turning school or a beautiful turned item, maybe one made by a world-renowned turner. There are 4 ways to make this happen:

  1. Purchase from one of our onsite vendors.
  2. Win it in our raffle or drawing.
  3. Bid and win during the silent auction period.
  4. Bid on one of the silent auction pieces that advanced to the live auction.

Each year, we hold an auction to raise funds to support our educational program and to provide the grants and scholarships. We do this in a 2-step process where we sell most of the items by silent auction, then promote the top 25 pieces to the live auction. This makes sure only the most highly sought after items are put on stage for the live auction, thereby assuring the most excitement to the bidders, a shorter evening event, and the maximum proceeds for the educational program.

All auction items are placed into the silent auction. At the end of the silent auction period, which will be clearly announced to give you one last chance to enter your bid, the bids for all pieces will be recorded.  The top 25 items, including all pieces that are ranked 25th and last-minute donations by the demonstrators, will be determined, and will be moved to the live auction process.

The remaining items will be recorded on a list that will be posted around the auditorium so the bidders can see which items they “won”. These items can be paid for and retrieved at the posted time, or after the end of the live auction.

When the live auction begins, the bidding for these live auction items will start at the highest silent auction bid offered as of the close of the silent auction.

Each item can be paid for and claimed at the Committee desk at the front entrance to McGuire Auditorium.  Do not be upset if you find that your high bid at the end of the silent auction did not “win” you the item. This does not mean that your bid was wasted. If it did not make it to the top 25, you “won” immediately. If it moves on to the live auction, you were simply the high bidder at one point in time, and the bidding continues, only with the live auctioneer leading the process.

We should all remember that this is a charitable auction, with the primary purpose of raising funds for the FWS educational programs, with the secondary benefit of providing these wonderful items, at a bargain price, to the bidders. It is important we all approach the proceedings with this spirit.